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Simpson SWT754, SWT8043 Washer Gearbox & Brake Band Assy - Part # 119407301

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Late Model Simpson SWT Series Washing Machine Gearbox Assembly with Brake Band.

Genuine Part No. 119407301.

Replaces Part No 119407300.

Complete gearbox / transmission assembly with brake band to fit some late model Simpson SWT series medium & large capacity top suspended washing machines including SWT8063E PNC 91304118101, WWT8040 PNC 91304117201, SWT8043 PNC 91304113401, 91304118100, SWT7542 PNC 91304112100, SWT704 PNC 913041060, 91304106000, SWT754 PNC 91304106100, 91304106001, 22S750N PNC 91304104700 91304113400, 91304117200.

This gearbox does not suit all SWT series machines. If you are unsure of the suitability then please contact us with your full model number & PNC number prior to purchasing.

Fully guaranteed.

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