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Simpson SWT Washing Machine Recirculation Pump Inlet O-Ring - Part # 119376500

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Electrolux, Simpson Recirculation Pump O-Ring.

Part No. 119376500.

Rubber O-ring used above the recirculation pump fitted to some late model Electrolux, Simpson & Westinghouse top loading washing machines.

Size - 34mm x 3.0mm.

Fits Electrolux, Simpson & Westinghouse models WWT1020A, SWT9043A, SWT1043, SWT1023A, SWT902SA, SWT902SA*00, SWT955SA, SWT955SA*00, SWT552SA, SWT605SA, SWT802SA, SWT802SA*00, EWT806SB, EWT606SA, EWT806SA, EWT806SA*00, EWT959SA, EWT959SA*00, SWT1012A, SWT8542A, SWT1042A.

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