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Kelvinator KTM, Simpson SR, STM No Frost Fridge Thermostat - Part # 1449005, BU267

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Simpson, Kelvinator No-Frost Fridge Thermostat.

Part No. 1449005.

Replaces part Nos. 1445560, 1445996 & 1448412.

Numbers on thermostat - BU-267, LR61847, ICE60730-2-9.

6/4FLA, 24/36RLA.

Fitted with 40cm connection leads terminated in a 3pin plug.

Suits many Asian made Simpson & Kelvinator no-frost fridges including models SR300B, SR300C, SR330B, SR330C, SR390B, SR440B, SR440C, SR520B, SR520C, STM3000MA, STM3000WA, STM3300WA, STM3600WA, STM3900MA, STM3900MB, STM3900WA, STM3900WB, STM4200WA, STM4200WB, STM4400WA, STM5200MA, STM5200WA, STM5200WB, KTM2800WB, KTM3000PB, KTM3000WB, KTM3300PB, KTM3300WB, KTM3600WA, KTM3600WB, KTM3900MB, KTM3900WB, KTM4200WA, KTM4200WB, KTM4400WB, KTM5200WB.

Thermostat capillary is located in the air flow inside the fridge compartment.

Mounting holes 55mm apart, capillary 500mm long , 6.4mm spade terminals, 7mm plastic D-shape shaft.

Manufactured by Yeonkyung Electronics Co. Ltd.
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