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Simpson Silencio Wash Pump to Lower Spray Arm Hose - Part # 0571400128G

Simpson Silencio Wash Pump to Lower Spray Arm Hose - Part # 0571400128G

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Dishlex Global, Simpson Silencio Pump to Lower Spray Arm Hose.

Part No. 0571400128G, 0571400128.

Rubber hose which goes between the wash pump and the sump connection which feeds the lower spray arm on some Simpson, Westinghouse & Dishlex dishwashers.

Fits DX460SA*00, DX310SA*00, 52B855SH*00, 52B985SH*00, SB930SH*00, DX510SA*00, SB932SH*00, SB905WH*04, 52B850WH*04, 52B855SH*04, 52B950WH*04, 52B980WH*04, 52B985SH*04, SB931SH*00, SB921KH*04, 2B921WH*04, SB930SH*04, SB931SH*04, SB932SH*04, DX300KA*03, DX300WA8)3, DX310SA*03, SB905WH*01, 52B850SH*01, 52B850WH*01, 52B950WH*01, 52B980SH*01, 52B980WH*01, SB920SH*01, SB920WH*04, SB921KH*01, SB921SH*01, SB921WH*01, SB922SH*01, DX500KA*02, DX500IKA*02, DX500SA*02, DX500WA*02, DX500IWA*02, DX450KA*02, DX450IKA*02, DX450SA*02, DX450WA*02, DX450IWA*02, DX300KA*02, DX300SA*02, DX300WA*02, DX150WA*02, DX150WA*02, K150WA*02, K150WA*02, DX100KA*03, DX100KA*03, DX100SA*03, DX100SA*03, DX100WA*03, DX100WA*03, K100WA*03, K100WA*03, SB947AH*00, SB920WH*01, 52B850WH*01 models.

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