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Simpson Sensor Dry, Eziloader Dryer Exhaust Thermistor - Part # B57560G103F

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Simpson Eziloader, Electrolux, Westinghouse Sensor Dry Thermistor.

Part No. B57560G103F. Can be used in place of genuine part number 0173300737.

10KO NTC glass bead thermistor with 65mm bare wires.
Bare thermistor suitable for use as the exhaust sensor in Electrolux & Westinghouse Sensor Dry dryers and Simpson EziLoader models with sensor dry functions.
Can be used on models 39S505EM, LD505E, LD505EB, LD505EB*00, LD605E, LD605EB, LD605EB*00, EDE605A*00.

The original exhaust sensor is mounted on the motor mounting plate and is a 10Kohm NTC thermistor but is only available genuine as part of the complete wiring harness and is therefore quite expensive and difficult to replace.

This part can be used to replace just the thermistor on it's own. The leads will need to be covered in heatshrink tubing and the glass bead also covered with heatshrink. The wires will need to be cut from the existing thermistor and joined (preferably soldered) onto this part and then also covered in heatshrink tubing.

Some heatshrink tubing is included with this item. No other detailed instructions are included, however.

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