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Simpson Nova 8" 2050Watt Wire-in Hotplate - Part # 0122004590

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Simpson Super Nova 8" 2050Watt Wire-in Hotplate.

Genuine part no. 0122004590.

Replaces 0122004399, 0122004426, 0122004260, 0122004510.

Equivalent to Qualtex Part No. E4510, Electrolux Part No. A10108601.

Actual diameter of hotplate coil - 190mm.

Suits some Simpson Super Nova, Westinghouse & Chef cooktops & stoves including models 61D810W, 61D817W, 61D890R, 61D919W, 61D924W, PAJ140W, PAJ143W, PAJ161W, PAJ501R, PAJ509R, PAJ518W, PAJ529W, 61D810W*00, 61D817W*00, 61D890R*00, 61D919W*00, 61D924W*00, PAJ161B*00, PAJ143W*00, PAJ529B*00, PAJ501R*00, PAJ509R*00, PAJ518W*00, PAJ140W*13, PAJ143W*13, PAJ161B*13, PAJ501R*13, PAJ518W*13, POH773W*00, 75C974W*00, PAK501R*59, PAK161B*59, PAK161B*02, PAK501R*03, PAK509R*03, PAK529B*02, PAK140W*32, PAK143W*32, PAK161B*32, PAK501R*32, PAK509R*32, PAK518W*32, PAK529B*32, PAK140W*35, PAK143W*35, PAK161B*35, PAK501R*35, PAK509R*35, PAK518W*35, PAK529B*35, PAK140W*52, PAK143W*52, PAK161B*52, PAK501R*52, PAK509R*52, PAK518W*52, PAK529B*52, PAK140W*53, PAK161B*53, PAK501R*53, PAK509R*53, PAK518W*53, PAK529B*53, PAJ140W*18, PAJ140W*19, PAJ143W*18, PAJ143W*19, PAJ161B*18, PAJ161B*19, PAJ501R*18, PAJ501R*19, PAJ509R*18, PAJ509R*19, PAJ518W*18, PAJ518W*19, PAJ529B*18, PAJ529B*19, EUC5110W*18, EUC5110W*19, EUC5110W*20, EUC5130W*18, EUC5130W*19, EUC5130W*20, EUC5330W*18, EUC5330W*19, EUC5330W*20, EBC5201W*53, EBC5241W*53, EBC5261W*53, PAJ140W*27, PAJ143W*27, PAJ161B*27, PAJ501R*27, 61D810W*18, 61D810W*19, PAJ509R*27, PAJ518W*27, 61D890R*18, 61D890R*19, 61D919W*18, 61D919W*19, 61D924W*18, 61D924W*19, PAJ529B*27, EUC5110W*04, EUC5130W*04, EUC5330W*04, EBC5010W*04, EBC5030W*04, 61D919W*15, 61D924W*15, 61D817W*15, 61D890R*15, EEC1230W-L*18, EEC1230W-L*20, EEC1230W-R*18, EEC1230W-R*20, EBC5201W*41, PAK509R*40, PAK518W*40, PAK529B*40, EBC5201W*32, EBC5241W*32, EBC5261W*32, EBC5201W*59, EBC5241W*59, EBC5261W*59, EBC5201W*61, EBC5241W*61, EBC5261W*61, EBC5241*43, EBC5261*43, EBC5010W*18, EBC5010W*19, EBC5010W*20, EBC5030W*18, EBC5030W*19, EBC5030W*20, 61F810W*01, EEC1230W-L*27, EEC1230W-R*27, EEC1230W-L*29, EEC1230W-R*29, PAK143W*53, EBC5241W*34, EBC5241W*35, EBC5261W*34, EBC5261W*35, EBC5201W*43, PAK130W*41, PAK130W*61, EBC5201W*04, PAK130W*52, PAK130W*53, PAK130W*59, PAK130W*04, PAK130W*32, 62F851W*27, 62F854W*27, 62F841WN*27, 61D817W*18, 61D817W*19, PAK140W*59, PAK143W*59, PAK140W*61, PAK143W*61, PAK509R*59, PAK518W*59, PAK529B*59.

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