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Simpson Eziset, Westinghouse Suspension Rod Kit (Set of 4) - Part # 0138200034

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Simpson, Hoover, Westinghouse Large Top Suspended Washer Suspension Rod Kit.

Genuine Part No. 0138200034.

Fits late model Simpson, Westinghouse & Hoover large top suspended automatic washing machines such as Eziset 750, Eziset 800, 22P600H, 22P650J, 22S650K, 22S700H, 22S701E, 22S702E, 22S703E, 22S704E, 22S711E, 22S712E, 22S713E, 22S714E, 22S720F, 22P728E, 22P728G, 22S730E, 22S730F, 22S740H, 22S741H, 22S741J, 22S750J, 22S750K, 22S750L, 22S751J, 22S752J, 22S756J, 22S757J, 22S800L, 22S805L, 22S810K, 22S802K, 22S806K, 22S807K, 22S816K, 22S821E, 22S821F, 22S822F, 22S823F, 22P824D, 22S826F, LD800S, LD850SA, LT758SA, LT809SA, LT819SA, LT819SNZA, 700LE etc.

If your model number is not listed, please contact us prior to purchasing as these are not the only suspension rods used in all models.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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