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Sharp Microwave Oven Turntable Motor - Part # RMOTDA133WRE0, MWM133

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Sharp Microwave Oven Turntable Motor.

Part No. RMOTDA133WRE0, MT8-2 4519, MWM133.

Similar to RMOTDA091WRE0, M2LJ24ZA02, MWM91.

Can also be used to replace RMOTDA055WRE0, MULJ24ZB33, RMOTDA033WRE0, MULJ24ZA93, MWM33 which have a 20mm high motor body.

220/240VAC, 50Hz, 2.5RPM, 3.5Watt.

6.4mm Spade Terminals

Double flat shaft 7mm diameter X 5mm wide X 9mm high from top of motor body. Shaft length - 7mm. Body of motor is 16mm high.

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