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Sanyo STG9, STG10, Aiwa AN10 Compatible Turntable Stylus - Part # D1243SR

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Sanyo STG9, STG10 CompatibleTurntable Stylus.

Part No. D1243SR.

Conical diamond stylus.

Similar to Stanfield D1208SR, D1306SR, Goldring D1044, D1046, D1144, Soundring D1005, D1066, D1131.

Suits Aiwa AN10, AN20, E10, PSW6, PSW9, PX10, PX220, V220, V2100, V2200, AWA CD100, SM24A, SM25, SM28, SM34, SMA25, Columbia Denon DSN57, DSN66, DP2, Glenwood M22, Goldstar GCD60, Hitachi SDT53L, Nagaoka JN451, JT451, NEC CR1971, Philips STG9, TT24, XF1185, XF2198, Realistic Tandy LAB1750, Samsung SMC8000, VIP590, VIP690, Sansui PR500, Sanyo STG9, STG10, STG11, GXT200, GXT210, GXT230, GXT255, GXT310, GXT330, GXT410, GXT445, TP1020, Sharp STY143, STY147, STY149, Cart143, CMSR70CDX, GSTV7, RP8, RPS9, RP201, RP303, RP666, RP7800, System303, Teac JC60, M22, P390, Tempest VIP380, Thorn S24, S25, S28, S34, Toshiba N45C, N77, Yamaha N102, N103.

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