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Sanyo ST27D, Excel MC15 Turntable Stylus - Part # D579SR

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Goldring S700CR, Excel MC15, Sanyo ST27D Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Stanfield Part No. D579SR.

Equivalent to D602SR, S700CR, Soundring D479, D585, D671

Similar to D603E, D604Q, S700ER, S700XR, S75QL.

Appropriate for Diotran TA7, Goldring S700CR, Excel S700CR, MC15, QD700C, QD700E, QD700X, Kreisler 11-400, 11-401, 11-402, 11-403, 11-405, 11-410, 11-412, 11-501, 51-102, 510-66, 510-86, 500 Slimline, Onkyo CP1030, Pye TA11, Realistic-Tandy Clarinette 600, 42-9615, Sanyo ST20D, ST27D, STG7, STG7D, MG20, MG27, DC4800K, DCJ3K, DCJ6K, DCM517K, DCW17K, DCW517K, TP1020, Teac PX270, PX272, PX3000, TSF3300, Toshiba N210C, N210CX, C210M, C230M.

Conical diamond stylus.

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