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Sanyo ST14D Compatible Turntable Stylus - Part # D594SR

Sanyo ST14D Compatible Turntable Stylus - Part # D594SR

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Sanyo ST14D Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Stanfield Part No. D594SR.

Conical diamond stylus.

Similar to Stanfield D164, Soundring D882.


  • Audio Reflex JH300, MR130, MR140
  • AWA 15+15, FM21, S02, S18, S19, S20, S26, SE18, SE19, SM18, SM19, SM20, SM21, SM26, SM208, SMA15, SMB15, SP02, SP03, SP04, SP05,SP09, SP19
  • Hanimex HSS7303, HST303, HMV CX700, JH300
  • Joergen JS1, SJ1
  • Morse TS20, 2297
  • NEC LP40D, NS130
  • Novatech SNX3000, SNX3100, SNX3500, SNX4000, SNX6000
  • Pye MC3, MC4, MC5, MC7, MC8, MC510, MC512, MC532, MC560, MC562, MC580, MC5124, MC5127, MC5524, MC5527, MC7130, MC7137, MC7330, MC7337, MC7530, MC7537, MC8125, MC8133, TA12, TA17
  • Rank-Arena RA75MC, RA100MC, RA302, RA304
  • Sanyo ST14D, M6T5
  • Sharp STY704
  • Thorn S18, S20, S26
  • Toshiba NN11C, NN14C, SM280. SM290.

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