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Sanyo SC Series Mite Hunter, Volta Rolfy Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Part # AF209

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Sanyo Mite Hunter, Volta Rolfy Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5) with Bonus Filter.

StarBag Part No. AF209.

Replaces Menalux 1002, T189, T196, AEG Gr5, Gr5s, Electrolux V34, E51, E51N, E65, Progress P58, Stokes V8276, Anlin AF209 & Godfreys 41105.

Appropriate for:-

  • AEG Ingenio AE3450, AE3455, AE3460, AE3465, AE3482, Smart 140, 150, 160, 170, Vampyrino, Vampyr 5030, Car & Clean, CE Mega 1, Colore, Oko, Space,
  • Airflo Dominator, Rebel, Voyager, Prowler, Ultima, Galaxy,
  • Alfatec Alfa 300, Alfa 400E,
  • Cascade CEO61, CEO97,
  • Centrex CTV80416,
  • Daewoo RC105, RC108, RC165, RC407, RC609, RC705, RC7005S,
  • DeLonghi ZX1100D,
  • Electrolux Elite Z2320, Z2330, Ingenio Z1520, Z1570, Z3420, Z3480, Z3482, Filio Z1905, Mondo+ Z2300 - Z2315, The Boss 1010 - 1036, The Mega Boss, The Mega Boss Plus, Xio Z1030, Z1050C,
  • Goblin 403, 415, 416, 418, 419, 479, 489, Aspen 1300E, 403/PT, 4701, 4702, 4703,
  • Home Proud CH-820,
  • HomeMaker KB8003A,
  • Hoover Harmony, Tranquility, Mode,
  • Hyundai HY107,
  • JNL 1350, 1600, 1601, DigiWave,
  • Kambrook 602E, Jaguar KVC1100, KVC1200, KVC1300, KVC1500, KVC20, KVC12/A, Swift,
  • Karcher TCS555, K1000,
  • LG V-2600E, V02600 Series, V-2620,
  • Midea QZ14B,
  • Mitsubishi TC980, TCL580, TCL581, TCL582, TG-F1,
  • Nilfisk GM50, GM55 Bubbles, Tempest, Compact C10, C15, C20, C110, C120,
  • Onix YL-35,
  • Piranha Trigger C62120, Ranger, PetVac, Rio,
  • Progress PC2210, PC2230, PC2260, PC2261, PC2265, PC3400, PC3701 - PC3727/DB, PC6110, PC6130, Diamant, Onyx,
  • Remington BV101, BV201, BV202, BV300, BV400,
  • Samsung 5010, 5013, 7150, NC900, NC1000, KV602, VC5010, VC5013, VD5010,
  • Sanyo SC27, SC28, SC29, SC30, SC33, SC34, SC35, SC35A, SC40, SC50, SC53A, SC60, SC65, SC65A, SC68, SC68A, SC70, SC75A, SC77A, SC78A, SC90, SC91, SC92, SC93, SC400, SC600, SC605, SC610, SC800, SC810, SC820, SC845, SC-C221, SC-S700, SCT3000, SCT4000, Mite Hunter, SC-S700, SC-5006, SCP5A, SCP8A, SCN310, SCY120, SC-T93,
  • Sharp 8300, 8500,
  • Tiffany VC101VC130, VC202,
  • Tornado Sacs D'Origine, Bolsas De Polvo Originales, Rolfy to 1048, 1055, 1060, 1070, 1075, 1078, 1080, 1090, Cameleon TO6150, TO6160, TO6165, TO6170, TO6180, TO6190, Butterfly TO6142, TO6152, TO6162, TO1005, Peque, Smart,
  • Toshiba 1010EJ,
  • Vax VS022 Maxim, VS073,
  • Volta Rolfy, U1015, U1025, U1030, U1035, Micro U1000 - U1008, U3xxx, Campus U4700, U2320, U2330, U3420, U3430, U3445, U3450, Delta 1030, Dolphin U5002, U5003, Gemini Series 2 U4502, U4504, 9902, Powerlite U3701, U3702, Pulsar U4503, U4505, Sprite U3705, U3706, Xio U3410 - U3450,
  • Wertheim 4804, Diablo JVC2008,
  • Zanussi ZAN2240, ZAN2242, ZAN2245, ZAN2250, ZAN2270, ZAN2300, ZAN2305, ZAN2310, ZAN2311, ZAN3425, ZAN3430, ZAN3435, ZAN3712, ZAN3713.

Also fits Bullit, De Sina, Essentiel B, Hugin, Hyundai, Miostar, Privileg, Proline, Seaway, Singer, The Boss, Thomas.

Packet of 5 standard paper disposable bags + bonus universal filter.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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