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San-Air Pet Odour Eliminator 75gm - Part # SF010

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San-Air 75gm Organic Pet Smell Eliminator Jar.

Part No. SF010.

This product has been designed to battle the pet smell odour. If you keep you pets inside and constantly have smell coming the rooms that they occupy.

Especially formulated to win the battle against pet odours and musty smells.

Place a Jar of the pet smell eliminator in the same room as your pet liter tray or in the most effected room. Make sure to place out of reach of pets.

This product gets rid of the musty odour caused by pets. It Eliminates the mould and bacteria caused by pets that they either bring in from outside or create themselves.

Suggested uses:-

  • Pet stores.
  • Homes.
  • Around litter trays.
  • Appartments.

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