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San-Air Personal Space & Room Air Sanitizer 75gm - Part # CL050

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San-Air 75gm Personal Space & Room Air Sanitizer Jar.

Part No. CL050.

This unique product can be used almost anywhere where mould & airbourne bacteria are present:-

  • In the room of a sick person, so others entering the room do not catch the cold or flu.
  • In a closed up holiday home, caravan, boat or storage unit.
  • Any storage area where there are lots of cardboard boxes. Cardboard is an ideal carrier and home for mould spores.
  • Inside the cabin of work vehicles such as tractors, diggers, bulldozers and trucks.
  • Commercial cool rooms where damp and cardboard are plentiful.
  • Removes bacteria, yeast & mould from the air.
  • Ideal for car, home or office use.
  • Environmentally friendly & completely non-toxic.


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