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San-Air Car Air Conditioner Sanitizer - Part # CL051

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San-Air Sanitizer Sticks & Holder for Car Air Conditioners.

Part No. CL051.

This unique product is designed to keep the working of the car air conditioner free of mould.

Keep using regularly for continuous reduction of bad smells due to mould or tobacco smells being trapped in the air conditioning ducts of your car.
Fits conveniently in the air conditioning vent.

  • Keeps the car air conditioner free of mould & bacteria.
  • Stops unpleasant odours including tobacco smoke, sweat smells and pet smells .
  • Can also be used inside the cabin of work vehicles such as tractors, diggers, bulldozers and trucks.
  • Removes bacteria, yeast & mould from the air.
  • Environmentally friendly & completely non-toxic.

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