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Samsung WF8802RSW Front Loader Door Interlock Switch- Part # DC64-01538A

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Samsung Front Loader Washing Machine Door Interlock Switch.

Samsung Part No. DC64-01538A.

Other numbers
ZV-446L5, PA.W95.L52.WHITE.

This switch fits some Samsung late model front loading washing machines including models WF1104XAC, WD0754W8E, WF0854W8E-XSA, WF8802RPF, WF550B0BKWQTL, WW75H5400, WW75J42131W, WF80F5E5UHW, WF1804WPC, WW85H5400EW, WF1752WPW, WF1752WPC, WF8750LSW, WF9854RWE/XSA, WF8802RSW/XSA, WF8750LSW1/XSA, WF8802RSW/XSA, WF8802RSW/XSA, WF0854W8E/XSA, WD8704EJA/XSA, WF8802RSW1/XSA, WF8802RPFXSA, WF0754W7V/XSA, WF8750LSWXSA, WD8704EJA/XSA, WF8750LSWXSA, WD8704EJA/XSA, WF8802RPF1/XSA, WF0754W7V1, WD856UHSAWQ.

Mounting holes are 30mm & 44mm apart. Switch is 95mm long.

This interlock has 3 terminals.

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