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Samsung Washer Pump Lint Filter Button Trap Insert - Part # DC97-15695C

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Samsung Washing Machine Pump Lint Filter.

Genuine Part No. DC97-15695C.

Suits some Samsung front & top load washer models.

Filter screws into the front of the machine behind the kick panel or a small flap.

Suits models WD0754W8E/XSA, WD0854W8E/XSA, WD75J5410AW/SA, WD75K5410OW/NZ, WD75M4453JW/SA, WD856UHSAWQ/SA, WD85K6410OW/NZ, WF0754W7V/XSA, WF0754W7V1/XSA, WF084W8E/XSA, WF0854W8E1/XSA, WF1752WPC/XSA, WF1752WPW/XSA, WF1804WPC/XSA, WF756UMSAWQ/SA, WF806U4SAWQ/SA, WF856UHSAGD/SA, WF856UHSAWQ/SA, WF9854RWE/XSA, WF9854RWE1/XSA, WW65J3263IW/NZ, WW75J42131W, WW75H5240EW/SA, WW75H5290EW/SA, WW75H5400, WW85H5400EW/SA, WW75J4213IW/SA, WW75K5210WW/SA, WW80H5270EW/SA, WW80J4413IW/SA, WW85H5400EW/SA, WW85H7410EW/SA, WW85J5410IW/SA, WW85K5410WW/SA, WW85K6410QX/SA & others.

The rubber seal to fit this part is available separately here.

This is not the only type of pump filter used in Samsung washers so if you are unsure of the suitability of this part please contact us prior to purchasing with your full model number.

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