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Samsung SW55, SW60, SW70, SW80, SW90 Series Washer Lint Filter - Part # SAM008SE

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Samsung SW50 - SW90 Series Compatible Washing Machine Lint Filter.

Part number SAM008SE.

Equivalent to Samsung Part No. DC97-00252J.

Suits Samsung SW55APP3, SW56APP, SW60ASP, SW61ASP, SW65USP, SW65USPIW, SW65USPIW/XSA, SW674ASP, SW674AS, SW80ASP, SW81, SW81ASP, SW82ASP, SW85ASP, SW95ASP, WA109FAM, WA10B3, WA10C1QM, WA10D3, WA10K2, WA10K3, WA10Y1W, WA11D3, WA11K2, WA13H1, WA13K2, WA13R3, WA13RA, WA13V2, WA13XAREP, WA14H1, WA14H6, WA14L1, WA14L2, WA14L4, WA14L5, WA14R3, WA14RA, WA14V2, WA15L1, WA15L3, WA15L4, WA15L5, WA15R3, WA15RA, WA15X7CDP, WA15X7RDP, WA15XARIP, WA15XPMEP, WA16A2Q3, WA16A3Q3, WA16R3, WA17A2, WA17A3, WA17L7, WA17L9, WA17R3, WA17RA, WA17X7RDP, WA17XACDP, WA17XARDP, WA17XPM, WA1CX7RFP, WA1CXARFP, WA1DXARFP, WA1DXPMFP, WB10C1, WB22C7, WB247FAM, WB24K2, WB24Y1W, WB25D3, WB25M9, WB27L1, WB27L9, WB27R3, WB27RA, WB27V2, WB27X7MDP, WB27X7RDP, WB31X7MDP, WB31XAMDP, WB31XARDP, WB31XPMDP, WE10C1QM, WF10C1QM, WF11K2QM, WM10C7QM, WP247FA1, WW10C1QM washing machines.

May also suit some other models.

Filter frame dimensions 235mm X 80mm X 19mm.
Stainless steel mesh.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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