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Samsung, Sanyo, Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Part # PT183

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Budget Nilfisk, Samsung, Sanyo Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5).

Part No. PT183.

Equivalent to Menalux T183, T151B, 1840, Nilfisk 22380900, Samsung VP95B, Nilfisk 22300500, 22380900, 22380901.

Similar cardboard size Stokes V7262, V9604, Anlin AF253, AF561, AF621, AF624,  Menalux T120, T120A, T120N, T151B, T182, 1840, 5100, Qualtex SDB237, Nilfisk 82327800.

Packet of 5 disposable bags.

Bag dimensions (folded flat): 14cm X 27cm, Cardboard dimensions: 10.8cm X 9.7cm.

Fits AEG Smart 300, Smart 306, Smart 350, Smart 366 (GR50),

Bissel Coccinelle,

De Longhi XTRC140E,

Fakir A90, A90EL, A92, 2006, 805,

Far Theo - Theo2, Hugo,

Glenan GA375,

Holland-Electro Maxx,

Home Angels HA110,

Hoover Hygene VC358,

MBO BS1400,

Medion 41277,

Nilfisk C10 - C20, C110 - C120, C210, C218, C220, C230, GM50, GM55, GM60 Bubbles, GM62, GM65, GM100, GM150, Coupe Neo, Coupe Parquet, Coupe Special, Coupe Xtra,

Privileg L'Explorer CH108, CH108E,

Remington BV202,

Samsung FC5900 - FC5999, RC5900 - RC5999, NC5900 - NC5999, VC5900 - VC5999 (Easy), FC6100 - FC6199, RC6100 - RC6199, NC6100 - NC6199, VC6100 - VC6199, FC6200 - FC6299, RC6200 - RC6299, NC6200 - NC6299, VC6200 - VC6299, FC6300 - FC6399, RC6300 - RC6399, NC6300 - NC6399, VC6300 - VC6399,  FC6700 - FC6799, RC6700 - RC6799, NC6700 - NC6799, VC6700 - VC6799, FC6800 - FC6899, RC6800 - RC6899, NC6800 - NC6899, VC6800 - VC6899, FC7100 - FC7199 (except FC7150), RC7100 - RC7199 (except RC7150), NC7100 - NC7199 (except NC7150), VC7100 - VC7199 (except VC7150), FC8600 - FC8699, RC8600 - RC8699, NC8600 - NC8699, VC8600 - VC8699 (Delight), RC591 - RC599 (Easy), VC550P,

Sanyo SC33, SC34A, SC35A, SC65A, SC68A, SC75A, SC76, SC400, SC410, SC600, SC605, SC610, SC800, SC810, SC815GR, SCN310, SC79, SC4006, SC35AR,

Wilfa BS2191.

Note: Some of the packets marked as similar may have the cardboard at 90degrees to the style listed here. The cardboard dimensions are the same and the bags may fit, although may be larger or smaller than the original.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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