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Samsung Front Loader Main Drive Belt # 6602-001497, 1270J5. Replaces 6602-001072

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Samsung, Philco, Ariston, Indesit, Merloni, Electrolux, AEG, Bosch Front Loader Washing Machine Main Drive Belt.

Genuine Samsung Part No. 6602-001497.

Replaces Part No. B093, B097, B074, POL92, 1270J5, 5PJ1270E, 6602-001072, DC66-10139B.

Poly-V drive belt. Replacement for the original yellow belt manufactured by Megadyne in Italy.

This belt is appropriate for some Samsung, Ariston, Indesit & AEG front loading washing machines.

Fits AEG:

LAV1105 U B, LAV1105 U D, LAV1105 U D EU, LAV1105 U W, LAV1105 U W EU, LAV1135 I D, LAV1135 I W, LAV1135I D, LAV1135I W, LAV1418 W, LAV1435I B, LAV1435I D, LAV1435I W, LAV50400, LAV50420-W, LAV50500, LAV50520-W, LAV50600, LAV50620-W, LAV50700, LAV50720-W, LAV520, LAV550 BZ D, LAV61300, LAV61300-W, LAV620, LAV6205, LAV625 A, LAV625 W, LAV625 W S NSF, LAV625-10, LAV6250, LAV6250 W, LAV62600-W, LAV630, LAV630 WS, LAV635, LAV635 SENS W, LAV635 W, LAV635 W EU, LAV635 WS, LAV6350 SENS., LAV6350 SESNS., LAV645 A, LAV645 W, LAV645 WS, LAV6450 SENS., LAV655, LAV655 W EU, LAV6550, LAV6550 W, LAV6552 SENS., LAV6555, LAV6555-W, LAV665 W, LAV665 W EU, LAV665 WS, LAV6650 SENS., LAV675 W, LAV675 W EU, LAV6750, LAV6750 W, LAV685 W EU, LAV695 W, LAV6950, LAV6950 SENS., LAV6950 W, LAV6955, LAV6955-W, LAV715 SENS W, LAV715 W, LAV72600, LAV72620-W, LAV74600, LAV74600-W, LAV74620-W, LAV7550, LAV7550 W, LAV795 W EU, LAV85729-W, LAV86700, LAV86700-W, LAV86720-W, LAV86800-W, LAV9029 W, LAV9029 W D, LAV9033 W, LAV9039 W, LAV9039 W D, LAV9049 W D, LAV9059 W D, LAV90600, LAV9069 W, LAV9079 W D, LAV925 W, LAV925 W D B NL, LAV935 W, LAV935 W EU, LAV945 W D NL, LAV955 W D, LAV9550, LAV9550 W, LAV961 BZ, LAV961 W, LAV975 W, LAV9750, LAV976 W, LAVB 1200-W, LAVB 2000-W, LAVB1100 W, LAVBELLA 1005 W, LAVBELLA 1100 W, LAVBELLA1100 WD NL, LAVC1028 W, LAVC1128 W, LAVC1218 W, LAVCARAT1028 W D, LAVCARAT1128 WD, LAVCARAT1428, LAVDIPLOMAT S-W, LAVDIPLOMAT W, LAVNOVA WS, LAVP1000 W, LAVPRINC SL W, LAVPRINCESS 1000 W, LAVPRINCESS SL W D, LAVPRINCESS W:


A817 , A826 , AB1030CUK , AB1036TUK , AB1036UK , AB836UK , AB930CUK , AB936UK , AD10UK , AF1083T/1UK , AI1047MT , AI834T , AI837MT , AI837T , AI847MT , AL1046TUK , AL1059TUK , AQ800 , AV1037 , AV1037W , AV1048CUK , AV824 , AV827 , AV834CUK , AV835 , AV838CUK , AV839 , AW820 , CW810 , S1000UK , S800UK , SWD1000UK


WTA3100GB/01, WTA3100GB/02, WTA3100GB/05, WTA3100GB/06, WTA3100GB/07, WTA3100GB/09, WTA310LGB/07, WTA310LGB/09, WTA3200GB/01, WTA3200GB/02, WTA3200GB/04, WTA3200GB/06, WTA3200GB/09, WTA3400GB/01, WTA3500GB/01, WTA3500GB/02, WTA3500GB/04, WTA3500GB/06, WTA3500GB/08, WTA3600GB/01, WTE5820GB/01, WTE5820GB/02, WTE5820GB/04, WTE5820GB/08, WTE6920GB/01, WTL5100GB/05, WTL5100GB/07, WTL5100GB/09, WTL5100GB/11, WTL5200GB/02, WTL5201GB/04, WTL5201GB/09, WTL527SGB/04, WTL527SGB/09, WTL5400GB/01, WTL5400GB/02, WTL5400GB/04, WTL5400GB/08, WTL5500GB/01, WTL5600GB/01, WTL5600GB/02, WTL6100GB/01


WDG1095GH(G) , WDG1095WG , WDG985BG , WDG985WG , WDN1079WG , WDN966BG , WDN966WG , WDS1000UK , WG1030G , WG1033TG , WG1034TG , WG1085WG , WG1086G , WG1130TG , WG2020WG , WN1060WG/2 , WN1063WG , WN1072WR/2 , WN1080WG , WN1096BG , WN1096WG


B1415, B1215, B1245, C835, P1235, P1405J, J1025, J1043, J1045, J1045AV, J1055, J1255, J1455, J843, J843iW-XSA, J845, J845iW-XSA, J1255AV, J1455AVIW, P843, P1023.




L103RX L1046RX LA1036 LAP1046 L82RX PA207 PA2107DBS PA2197DDS PD297 RWM1262 RWM832SI W112RE W135RLE WD1109AL WD1190SE WD1209SE WD2000DB WDC133 WD1898 WM1000E WM1200AL WM1210DB WM1300 WM1300SE WM1891 WM1894 WM2001SLT WM850 WM850E 7106 7107 7107V1 7107V2.

Also suits Vision Fitness exercise bicycle machine ES600 (XT900).

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