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Samsung Front Load Washer Drain Outlet Hose - Part # DC97-02250Z

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Samsung Washing Machine Drain Outlet Hose.

Part No. DC97-02250Z.

1.9metre drain outlet hose with rightangled 19mm internal diameter machine end and normal 22mm sink end. Outer diameter of hose is 25mm.

Fits many Samsung front loading washer models including WF8802RPF1, WF8802RPF1/XSA, WD0754W8E, WF1752WPC, WF8802RSW1/XSA, WF0754AW7V, WF8750LSW1/XSA, WF0754W7V1, WD856UHSAWQ, WF1752WPC, WF1752WPW, WF1752WPC, WF0854W8E-XSA, WW85H5400EW, WW75J42131W, WF1804WPC, WF0754W7V/XSA, WW75H5400, WF756UMSAWQ.

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