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Samsung, AEG Front Loader Main Drive Belt - Part # B097, 1270J5, 6602-001072

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Samsung, Indesit, AEG Front Loader Washing Machine Main Drive Belt.

Part No. B097, 1270J5, 5PJ1270E, Replaces POL92, B074, 6602-001072, DC66-10139B.

Poly-V drive belt. Genuine original yellow belt manufactured by Megadyne in Italy.

This belt is appropriate for some Samsung, Ariston, Indesit & AEG front loading washing machines.

Fits AEG:

LAV1105 U B, LAV1105 U D, LAV1105 U D EU, LAV1105 U W, LAV1105 U W EU, LAV1135 I D, LAV1135 I W, LAV1135I D, LAV1135I W, LAV1418 W, LAV1435I B, LAV1435I D, LAV1435I W, LAV50400, LAV50420-W, LAV50500, LAV50520-W, LAV50600, LAV50620-W, LAV50700, LAV50720-W, LAV520, LAV550 BZ D, LAV61300, LAV61300-W, LAV620, LAV6205, LAV625 A, LAV625 W, LAV625 W S NSF, LAV625-10, LAV6250, LAV6250 W, LAV62600-W, LAV630, LAV630 WS, LAV635, LAV635 SENS W, LAV635 W, LAV635 W EU, LAV635 WS, LAV6350 SENS., LAV6350 SESNS., LAV645 A, LAV645 W, LAV645 WS, LAV6450 SENS., LAV655, LAV655 W EU, LAV6550, LAV6550 W, LAV6552 SENS., LAV6555, LAV6555-W, LAV665 W, LAV665 W EU, LAV665 WS, LAV6650 SENS., LAV675 W, LAV675 W EU, LAV6750, LAV6750 W, LAV685 W EU, LAV695 W, LAV6950, LAV6950 SENS., LAV6950 W, LAV6955, LAV6955-W, LAV715 SENS W, LAV715 W, LAV72600, LAV72620-W, LAV74600, LAV74600-W, LAV74620-W, LAV7550, LAV7550 W, LAV795 W EU, LAV85729-W, LAV86700, LAV86700-W, LAV86720-W, LAV86800-W, LAV9029 W, LAV9029 W D, LAV9033 W, LAV9039 W, LAV9039 W D, LAV9049 W D, LAV9059 W D, LAV90600, LAV9069 W, LAV9079 W D, LAV925 W, LAV925 W D B NL, LAV935 W, LAV935 W EU, LAV945 W D NL, LAV955 W D, LAV9550, LAV9550 W, LAV961 BZ, LAV961 W, LAV975 W, LAV9750, LAV976 W, LAVB 1200-W, LAVB 2000-W, LAVB1100 W, LAVBELLA 1005 W, LAVBELLA 1100 W, LAVBELLA1100 WD NL, LAVC1028 W, LAVC1128 W, LAVC1218 W, LAVCARAT1028 W D, LAVCARAT1128 WD, LAVCARAT1428, LAVDIPLOMAT S-W, LAVDIPLOMAT W, LAVNOVA WS, LAVP1000 W, LAVPRINC SL W, LAVPRINCESS 1000 W, LAVPRINCESS SL W D, LAVPRINCESS W:


A817 , A826 , AB1030CUK , AB1036TUK , AB1036UK , AB836UK , AB930CUK , AB936UK , AD10UK , AF1083T/1UK , AI1047MT , AI834T , AI837MT , AI837T , AI847MT , AL1046TUK , AL1059TUK , AQ800 , AV1037 , AV1037W , AV1048CUK , AV824 , AV827 , AV834CUK , AV835 , AV838CUK , AV839 , AW820 , CW810 , S1000UK , S800UK , SWD1000UK


WDG1095GH(G) , WDG1095WG , WDG985BG , WDG985WG , WDN1079WG , WDN966BG , WDN966WG , WDS1000UK , WG1030G , WG1033TG , WG1034TG , WG1085WG , WG1086G , WG1130TG , WG2020WG , WN1060WG/2 , WN1063WG , WN1072WR/2 , WN1080WG , WN1096BG , WN1096WG


B1415, B1215, B1245, C835, P1235, P1405J, J1025, J1045, J1045AV, J1055, J1255, J1455, J843, J843iW-XSA, J845, J845iW-XSA, J1255AV, J1455AVIW, P843, P1023 & others.

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