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Rowenta, Samsung, Airflo Synthetic Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5) - Part # AF165S

Rowenta, Samsung, Airflo Synthetic Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5) - Part # AF165S

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Goblin, Kenwood, Rowenta, Samsung, Sunbeam Synthetic Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5).

Cleanstar Part No. AF165S.

Replaces Menalux T35B, Anlin AF469, Stokes V7233, Qualtex SDB064, Unifit UNI45, UNI045.

Similar size fitting to Menalux Duraflow 2500 bags.

Appropriate for Goblin Mallee, Laser Pro, Whisper 1400, Aurora, Corona, 415, 420, 430, 430.11, 430.21, 430.31, 4202, 4203, 42011, 43041, E1400, 42031-26, Rowenta RB01, RB02, RB05, RB10, RB11, RB12, RB13, RB15, RB16, RB18, RB19, RB21, RB22, RB23, RB24, RB25, RB33, 1612, RS05, RS12, RS100, RS101, RS111, RS121, RS125, RS160, RS200, RS210, RS211, RS260, RS261, RS268, RS300 - RS360, RS381, RS383, RS386, RS390, RS420, RS450, RS460, RS500 - RS553, RS560N, RS590, RF02, RF12, RF13, RF16, RF18, RF19, RF21, TB01, TB02, ZR76, Super 1000, Swing 1000, 1200, 1300, RS148, RS149, RS150, Presty 1300, 1400, RS262, RS270, Extrem 1500, TB01, TB02, TB05, Super 1000, ZR76, Samsung VC3100, Sunbeam SV76, SV071, SV076, SU021, Kenwood VC3100, Pirhana ZDW400, Hoover 1300S, 1400S, Hero series, Gemini SC256 - 258, Hollandia Supreme, Fakir, DeLonghi XT1200, XT1300, XTR1300, XTC1200, XTC1300E, XTC1400E, VacStream 1400, 1500.

Packet of 5 synthetic disposable bags + 2 bonus antibacterial filters.

Synthetic material for extra filtration, more efficient dust collection & longer life.

Cardboard dimensions - 130mm x 100mm, hole diameter - 60.5mm.

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