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Robinhood Rangehood Fan Motor & Fan Blade with Run Cap Part # 111088 & 103950

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Robinhood 600/900 Series Rangehood Fan Motor Kit with Run Capacitor.

Part No. 111088 & 103950. Motor replaces part Nos. 101680, 103949, 102791.

This fan motor kit suits older Robinhood rangehoods, models 2001, 600 & 900. The run capacitor included in this kit must be replaced at the same time. It may also suit some other brands or models.

The motor is a single speed motor, often controlled in speed by an electronic control module.

Motor  ebmpapst R2E190-AE21-88, 240VAC, 50Hz, 0.32Amp, 75Watt, 2300rpm, CW. Blade diameter 187mm, drum type.

Motor is mounted in place using either 3 or 4 bolts into the back of the motor. These are in a triangular pattern 53mm apart, and in a square pattern 41mm apart.

The motor supplied may either be fitted with the orange fan blade or the black fan blade as shown in the various photographs.

The genuine 2uF 450V run capacitor is included and MUST be replaced when fitting this motor regardless of whether the original capacitor appears to be OK or not.

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