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Pullman, Nilfisk Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Menalux Part # S69

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Aquavac, Karcher, Pullman, Nilfisk backpack & Canister Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 10).

Menalux Part No. S69.

Fits the following models and machines:-

Aquavac Super 40, 900 Series, 720, 30/40 Motor Bag,

Black & Decker 9000 Series, VX10, VX20, VX21,

DeLonghi XD1000, XW1200,

General Electric NT3001, VX10, VX21,

Hako Rocket Shadow Back Pack,

Karcher NT301, Redback,

Kerrick 101,

Origin 100BV, 150BV, 200BV,

Nilfisk DV1100, Backpack,

Polivac Wombat Pac Vac,

Philips P40, P60, P83, P84, P800, P900, Paris, HZ4800 - HZ4820, HR6204, HR6211, HR6220, HR6225, HR6230, HR6240, HR6260 - HR6264, HR6280, HR6284,

Pullman JU1, JU2, PV5, PV6, PV7, PV10, Janitor,

Shopvac 600 Series, 900 Series,

Volta Trio U55, U76, U78.

In canister machines these are used as filters to stop dust and dirt from getting into the motor. In backpacks they are used to collect the dust & dirt.

Bag dimensions 20cm X 34cm folded flat. Opening 20cm X 20cm when fully opened.

Packet of 10 open ended disposable filter bags.

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