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Pioneer PN120, PN220 Compatible Turntable Stylus - Stanfield Part # D1128SR

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Pioneer PN120, PN220 Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Stanfield Part No. D1128SR.

Elyptical diamond stylus.

Similar to Stanfield D1128SR, D1071E, D1090SR, Goldring D910, D917, D965, D994, D1035, D1036, D1126, Soundring D940, D955, D968.

Suits Aiwa AN5, APD30, APD120, Pro1011,

Akai RS25, RS83, RS85, ProE110, ProE210, ProE310, ProR1, ProR2, ProR3, ProR100, ProS11, ProS21, ProS22, ProS31, ProS32, APB21, APB310, APQ310, FD3, APD2, APD3, APD120, APD210, APD310, APB110, APB210,

Audio Reflex LAB400, LAB450, PD40, PD604, PD605, ST901,

Audio Technica ATN93, ATN95E, ATN3400, ATN3401, ATN3410, ATN3450, ATN3451, ATN3451E,

AWA X10,

Hitachi DS-ST35. DS-ST36, HT405, HT415, HT6M, HT20, HT21, HT40, HT41S, HT60S, HT65S, HT67, HT68, SDT60, SDT150,

JVC DT38, FRD45, JLA10, LR10,

Kenwood Trio N52, KD41R, KD42R, KD51, KD52F, KD211R, LD21R, LD41R, LD51R,

Marantz CT5S, CT250, CT1020, CT1200, CT2020, CT2200, CT4200, CT6200, TT250, Tt1020, TT1200, TT2020, TT2200, TT4200, TT6200,

Mitsubishi 3D-47M, DPX10,

National Panasonic Technics EPS75STSD, EPS77ST, K44, SG550, SG305, SG306,

NEC LP335, P335, P435, P735,

Onkyo DN52ST, CP1000A, Midi05, Midi06,

Philips D499, F8036, 23AM950,

Pioneer PN220, PL4200, PL5100, PLC7, PLX50, PLX500, Avani 110, Avanti 220, Avanti 330, Avanti 440, PL2, PL3, PL4, PL6, PL7, PL8, PL120, PL320, PL330, PL430, PLT3, PLX5,

Sansui SN202, FRD40,

Sanyo ST35D, ST41J, ST42D, TP825, TP1001, TP1005, TPX1, TPX2, TPX3, TP1014, TP1024, TPQ50,

Sharp STY118, STY130,

Sony ND138G, ND147G, EXM1, EXM2, JJ50, JJ500, JJ505, JJ700, JJ707, JJ3002, HMK313, HMK414, HMK3000, HMK3030, HMK5000, PS150, PS155, PS252, PS350, PSLX1, HMK505,

Teac P315, P515,

Thompson Pathe ST35,

Toshiba N60DY, N70, N71, N293DY, SRD45, SRF3, SRF5, SRP5, SRP50, SR45, SRQ65,

Yamaha N6700, N6900, P320, P330, P350, P400, P450, P500, P520, P550, P750, P4, P5, P6, P7, P200, P220, P250, P300.

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