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Pioneer PN12 Compatible Turntable Stylus- Part # D528SR

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Pioneer PN12 Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Stanfield Part No. D528SR, Equivalent to Genuine part No. PN12.

Similar to Goldring D739, Soundring D574, D920, Stanfield D528SR, D7390, Pioneer PN110, PN12.
Conical diamond stylus.

Appropriate for Pioneer PN12, PN110, PN110-II, PN150, PC12, PC110, PC150, Avanti1, Avanti55, Avanti77, Avanti700, Avanti900, PL255, PL300, Centre 520, Centre 5522, Centrex, PL312, PL400, KN5511, MX8Q, Prelude600, Prelude700, PL3000, STL100.

Also fits Avanti2, Avanti11, Avanti33, Avanti500, Form4000, Form4400, Form5500, Form6000, Form6600, PL100, PL155E, PL200, PL512, PL514, PL516, PL518, Rondo5000.

Please check carefully prior to purchasing as many Pioneer models were supplied fitted with different cartridges & stylii.

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