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Pilot Unitel Orion Goldstar Samsung Remote Control - Part # RM-OGS01

Pilot Unitel Orion Goldstar Samsung Remote Control - Part # RM-OGS01

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Pilot Unitel Orion, Goldstar, Samsung Colour TV Remote Control.

Part No. RM-OGS01, UNI07.

Pre-programmed remote control designed to be 100% compatible with the original manufacturers remote control.

Suits the following CTV or remote models:-

Orion - 4200, 4300, R/CECOMPUTER4300, R/CECOMPUTER4900, R/CECOMPUTER6900, TP4300, RC7805, RC7807, RC8025, RC6805, 076100G010, CT149TX, CT208, EUR538, RCG, RC33, TM101, 9594938, 1810081, EUR5354A, 14K, 10PROG, TVC99CH/II, R/CECOMPUTER4800, TELECOMPUTER, TP916, 076G046020, 076G047140, 076G047170, 076L052030, 076L052080, 076L067050, 076L067110, IR5016, RC46, RC47, RC52, RC67, 076G031010, 076G031011, RC31, CT142R, EUR53733, RC40, RC44, RC98, 076100Q006, 076100T001, 076G037011, 076G037170, 076G0400360, A76100Q005, RC37, RCQ, RCU, 076L078070, 076L078080, RC78, 761088001, 076G0666001, 076G090010, 076G092006, 076L049020, 076L052040, 076LM027001, 076M028001, 076RCD77100, A76G090020, A76MO27002, A76MO28030, A76MO28040, HRS0232011100, ORION, RC13, RC35, RC38, RC49, RC56, RC57, RC66, RC88, RC89, RC90, RC92, DIGISYSTEM, FIRSTLINE5615, FORTUNA63, FORTUNA67, IR6540.

Samsung - 33004540031, 3F1400031181, 3F1400032140, 3F1400033060, 3F1400034140, 3F1400054840, RM109, RM113(51 KEYS), SM22RM109, 3F1400016040, 3GBB600649, RM100, 3F1400007010, 3F1400007410, INF.REM.CONTR., RM097, 39202206060, 39202206160, 6100485891, 32199101020, 33004430241, 3F1400003313, 3F1400009103, M701, REM07, REM101, REM23, RF1400009103, RM101, TM07, 3F14026050, RM105, RM105COSMOS, 3F1400007330, 3F1400024060, 3F1400034780, 3F1400034790, CH116, RM103, TVC60PROGRAM, 3F1400022112, TVC99CH/I, AA59010032W, TVC99CH/II, 3F1400031170, 3F1400033071, 3F1400033301, 3F14000333210, 3F1400034140, 3F1400034141, 3F1400034840, A931234567890.

Goldstar - 105045, 105067G, VS067G, VS068Z, CT3690, TP663, TP720, 105520B, 104523B, 105042A/E/G, 105045D, 105523G, 105523A, 105523B, 105523C, 105523J, FS068M, FSPC07X, 105037D,105053A, 105520A, 105520D, 105520H, 105520J, 105520L, 105520V, CBT4522E, COMMANDER, TICSONIC, VS058C, 105018A, RV15A, RV18B, 21T1, TVC99CH, 1GVZ5537/37, OTMF7110F/G, CT7090, 105045G, 105045H, 105045N, 105209A, 105210A, 105210J, 105210B, FS185E, VS068K, 105045Y, 105057H, 105057N, 105068M, 105188S, 105188J/N/P, VS067C, VS068A, VS068N, VS069.

Includes Menu, AV & Teletext buttons.

Requires 2 AAA batteries. (Not supplied).

Note: There may be other models not listed that this remote is suitable for, but I can't confirm any that are not actually listed. If you purchase the remote and find it does not work with your model, you are welcome to return it within 14 days for a refund less postage charges.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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