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Philips Mobilo, Electrolux Excellio Compatible Paper Vacuum Bags (Pkt5). # PT197

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Philips Mobilo, Sydney, Electrolux Excellio 5000 Series, Oxygen, Ultra Silencer Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5 + universal filter).

Progress Part No. PT197.

Equivalent to Menalux T138, T171, T177, T177B, T197, Stokes V8525, Qualtex SDB228 & Anlin AF459, QuickFit QB131, Unifit UNI206, Philips FC8021, CleanStar AF201.

Replaces Electrolux S-Bag, E200BF, E54AB, E54N, E41N, E201B, E202B, E203B, E206B, E210B.

Similar to Stokes V7250, Qualtex SDB190, SDB191 & Anlin AF201. (Cardboard is same shape & size, bag slightly smaller)

Fits Electrolux Airmax ZAM6100, XAM6103, ZAM6104, ZAM6195, Bolido Z4500 - Z4595, Clario Z1900 - Z2095, Z7510 - Z7549, ErgoSpace ZE2200 - ZE2299, Excellio Z5000 - Z5295, Oxygen Z5500, Z5515, Z5533, Z5540, Z5560, Z5561, Z5621, Z5632, Z5635, Z5650, Z5930, Z5935, Z5942, Z5950, Z5995, Oxygen+ Z7320 - Z7399, Oxy3 System ZO6310, ZO6320, ZO6330, ZO6350, ZO6360, SmartVac Z5000 - Z5695, Ultra Silencer Z3300, Z3328, Z3347, Z3357, Z3365, Z3372, Z3395.

Philips Specialist FC9100 - FC9149, Performer FC9150 - FC9179, Universe FC9000 - FC9049, Jewel FC9050 - FC9079, City-Line HR8368 - HR8378, FC8400 - FC8499, Mobilo HR8500 - HR8599, Impact HR8350 - HR8399, Expression HR8300 - HR8349, FC8600 - FC8649, FC8200 - FC8219.

AEG AirMax AAM6100 - AAM6199, Clario AEC7570 - AEC7572, Oxygen+ Oxy3 System AOS9300 - AOS9352, System_Pro P1 - P999, Ultra Silencer AUS4030, AUS4040, Viva Control AVC1110 - AVC1190, AVC1220 - AVC1230, AVQ2100 - AVQ2190.

Tornado Bolido 1500 - 1750, 4500 - 4559, Calypso TO630 - TO6330, TO6510 - TO6530, Essensio TP4605 - TO4625N, Modelys CA6200 - CA6230, Super Pro TO30, TO50, TO55.

Volta AirMax UC6100 - UC6199, Bolido 4500 - 4595, Control U4610 - U4640, Modelys 6200 - 6290, Viva Quickstop U4410 - U4440.

Wertheim 5030, 5035, 6030, 6035, and many others that use s-bag type bags.

Packet of 5 disposable bags + microfilter.

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