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Philips D401E/II CompatibleElliptical Turntable Stylus - Stanfield Part # D1031E

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Philips D400/II, D401E/II, D422E/II, D500/II Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Stanfield Part No. D1031E.

Elliptical diamond stylus. Usually black.

Similar to Stanfield D1030SR, D519E, Goldring D862, D774, D861, Soundring D520, D640.

Appropriate for Philips D400/II, D401/II, D412, D422, D412/II, D422/II, D422E/II, D500/II, GP400/II, GP401/II Super, GP412VE, GP422, GP412/II, GP412E/II, GP422E/II, GP500/II, GC008, AH671, AH927, 23AF818, GA437, GC037, RH640, System 818, AF421, AF429, AF729, AF911.

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