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Panasonic 3 X AA Nickel Cadmium Phone Battery - Part # RBP11

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3.6Volt 3 X AA Rechargable Nickel Cadmium Phone Battery.

Part No. RBP11, replaces RBP811, RB880.

3.6Volt, 600mAH.

Suits Access Callmaster, National Panasonic KT-T3806, KX-T3815, KX-T3818B, KX-T3825, KX-T3826, KX-T3835, KX-T3836, KX-T3842, KX-T3845, KX-T3880, KX-T3900, KX-TC901, Sharp CL-A40W, Uniden EX2100, EX255, EX3101, EX3102, EX3810, EX4100, EX4101, EX4102, EX4800 models.

Also suits Telstra freedom 640.

Dimensions 15mm X 50mm X 43mm.

Plug style A:-

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