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Omega, Blanco, St George Upper Oven/Grill Element 1200/1000W - Part # KM12570011

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Omega, Blanco, St George 1000Watt/1200Watt Upper Dual Oven/Grill Element with Angled Mounting Bracket.

Part No. KM12570011, 12570011, 3130970WS.

Equivalent to Part Nos.  IRCA2352R247, IRCA3156R831, IRCA5279R237, IRCA7163R260,  53044, 12570010, 12570011, 4516080, 4516090.

1000Watt/1200Watt, 240Volt. Element dimensions - 33.2cm X 28.7cm. Distance from front to bracket - 31cm. Crosswire length - 46cm.

Threaded mounting holes 80mm apart on an angled fixed bracket.

Suits many Omega, Blanco & St George ovens including models ESM60SOTSX, ESM60TSX, OMF6010, OMF6011, OMF6012, BOSE607M, BOSE607X, BOSE609T, BOSE667X, BOSE67M, BOSE67XP, BOSE69TX, BOSE69X, NPO60, OO610XA, OO612XN, OO671XA, OO671XN, OO671XR, OO673XA, OO674XA, OO67CXA, OO67SXA, OO687X, OO885XR, OO887XN, ILO690X.

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