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Older F&P, Kelvinator Sump to Wash Pump Coupling Hose - Part # FP388895

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Older Kelvinator, Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher Sump to Wash Pump Outlet Coupling Hose.

Part No. FP388895, 388895, DN385, DWSM180.

This small neoprene rubber hose joins the sump to the wash pump motor in some old Kelvinator and Fisher & Paykel dishwashers. Appropriate for Kelvinator models 1655M, 1656M & F&P models 262M, 272S, 282E, 292T, 3885M, 3885S, 3886M, 3886S, 3886T, L80, M80. S80.

It is common for this hose to perish and crack.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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