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New Type Smeg Compatible 2000Watt Fan Forced Oven Element - Part # ELE2076

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New Type 2000Watt Smeg Fan Forced Oven Element with Mounting hole in Centre of Bracket.

Super Special. Priced to clear.

Part No. ELE2076, E2076. Replaces genuine part Nos. 806890217, 806890355, 806890653, 806890590, 806890591, 8291R290, 06890217.

2000Watt, 230Volt. Element dimensions - 19.5cm diameter. Overall depth 28mm from front to bracket.

Wattage at 240VAC is closer to 2200Watts.

Mounting holes 57mm apart on a fixed bracket and also hole in centre of bracket. Distance from outer mounting bracket holes to mounting hole at opposite side of the element is 220mm.

Fits many new model Smeg ovens including:-

SA306X-8, SCA110, SCA112, SCA301X, SCA310X, SCA311XP, SCA705X, SCA706X, SCA708X, A1, A1.1, A1.5, A1A, A1A.1, A1C.5, A1CA.1, A1G, A1VA, A2.5, A2A.2, A2A.5, A3A, DO10PSS, DO10PSS.5, DO81CSS.5, DO8CBL, DO8CSS, DO8CSS.5, DUC08CSS, F166.5, F170, F170/P, FP140X, S20XMF, S300X, S302X, S399X, S399X.5, S399X.6, SE2010XMF, SE20XFMR1, SE20XMFR, SE201EB/1, SE201P.5, SE2010VA/1, SE210X, SE210X/1, SE280X, SE280X .5, SE290X, SE378MFS5, SE378MFX5, SE392MFEB, SE398X, SE39X/1, SE398X.5, SE485X.5, SE650MF, SE708X, SKUK91M, SO66CAS.5, SO66CCS.5, SO66CSS.1, SP1196/1, SP1196/2, SUK61CMX5, SUK61CPX5, SUK61PX5, SUK61MFA5, SUK61MFX5, SUK61MWH5, SUK61XPZ5, SUK80MFA, SUK80MFX, SUK81MBL5, SUK81MFX5, SUK91M, SUK91MFA, SUK91MFK, SUK91MFX, SUKMFX5, SUK91MFX/92, SUK92CMX5, SUK92MFX, SUK92MFX5, UK2010X, UK60MFX1, UK80MFX and others.

The main difference between this element and earlier Smeg elements is the centre hole in the mounting bracket which makes the use of aftermarket replacements difficult. This part also fits older models with the holes at the ends of the bracket.

If you are unsure of the suitability of this part, please contact us with your full model number prior to purchasing.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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