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New Type Simpson, Westinghouse Dryer Vent Kit with Hose - Part # DVK006

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Simpson, Westinghouse, Electrolux New Models Dryer Ducting Vent Kit.

Part No. DVK006.

Dryer venting kit to suit newer models of Simpson, Westinghouse, Electrolux & many other brands of clothes dryer. Also appropriate for Fisher & Paykel rear vented models.

  • Narrow Profile.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Fits the latest rear vented models of the brands listed perfectly and many others.
  • Designed for dryers positioned away from an outside wall.
  • Flat profile divertor suits wall mounted dryers.
  • Includes 2metre X 100mm Vent Hose.
  • Attaches to dryer using a double sided adhesive ring.
  • Includes outside wall vent with self closing louvres.
  • Eliminates hot, moist, lint laden air from your laundry.
  • Complete kit, nothing else to buy.
  • 24months manufacturer warranty.

Saves money by decreasing drying time.

Provides cleaner, healthier air in your laundry.

The especially designed flat profile of the rear vent divertor allows use on wall mounted dryers.

Helps prevent mildew on walls and ceilings. Less maintenance is therefore required.

Increased personal security as permanent 'through the wall' installation of the exhaust system eliminates the need for doors and windows to be left open.

Efficient operation of electronic dryer sensors as moist air is not recirculated.
The need for de-humidifyers is greatly reduced.

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