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New LG, Hitachi Washing Machine Lint Filter - Part # 5231EY2002A

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New LG, Hitachi Washing Machine Lint Filter.

Part No. 5231EY2002A.

Exactly the same as 3921FZ3147Q, 5231FA2239K, 5231FA2406H, 5231FA2239, 5231FA2239PP, 5231EY2001A, 5231EN2001A, 3531FA2239K, LGT001, LG200.

Appropriate for LG models WF451, WF-451, WF452C, WF-452C, WFT455, WF-T452, WF-T502, WFT502, WFT502A, WF-T502A, WF-T502C, WF-T502TH, WF-T507, WF-T552C, WF-T552A, WF-T552TH, WF-T655TH, WF-T755TH, WFT552A, WF-T552A, WTH555A, WT-H555A, WF-651, WF651, WFT652, WF-T652, WF-T652A, WFT652A, WFT653A, WF-T653A, WF-T655A, WFT655A, WF-T656, WFT656, WF-T752A, MFT753A, WF-T753A, WF-T755A, WF-T755TH, WT-H555A, WT-H755A, WF801, WF-801, WF-T802, WFT802, WF-T851, WFT851, WFT852A, WF-T853A, WF-T854A, WFT854A, WF-T855A, WFT855A, WF-T902, WF-T902A, WF-T953A, WF-T6571 washing machine.

Also fits Hitachi SF-6500PX, SF6500PX.

May also suit some other models. This is by far the most common filter for LG machines, but is not the only one. This filter replaces all of the part numbers listed above. If your model number is not listed or you are not sure of the suitability, contact me with your full model number.

Filter dimensions 64mm X 103mm.

This listing is for one filter although many machines use two.

Part supplied may be either 5231EY2002A or 5231FA2239K or 5231EN2001A or 3921FZ3147Q depending on current stock availability. All are genuine filters.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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