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Modern Maid Compatible 2200Watt Oven Element - Part No. SE121

Modern Maid Compatible 2200Watt Oven Element - Part No. SE121

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Modern Maid, Metters, Westinghouse 2200Watt Bottom Oven Element.

Part No. SE121, Equivalent to Stokes 2559, Email VF04000, Westinghouse 445055.

2200Watt, 240Volt. Element dimensions - 38.5cm wide by 40cm deep (to bracket). Overall depth from front to terminals - 48.5cm.

Mounting holes 38.5cm apart on two fixed brackets.

Fits many Modern Maid & Metters ovens. Also fits very early Westinghouse 600 series upright stoves.

Models include KEB142, KEB144, KLB130, KLB141, KLC130, KLC141, KWB671, KWB672A, PAB516E, PAB616, PAB616E, PAB619, PAB619E, PAC130, PAC131, PAC131G, PAC140, PAC504U, PAC504UE, PAC516, PAC516E, PAC544ER, PAC544R, PAD130, PAD131, PAD140, PAD141B, PAD505U, PAD505UE, PAD516E, PAD516EG, PAD516G, PCB616E, PCB649, PCB649E, POB636, POB649F, POB650F, POC632R, POC632AR, POC650QF, POD632AR, POD650QF, POD650QFG.

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