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Miele Duraflow Synthetic High Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Part No. 3101

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Miele High Filtration, High Efficiency Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 4 + Filters).

Menalux Part No. 3101.

Equivalent to Miele GN bags, Menalux Duraflow DBT22, Starbag AF374S.

Replaces Anlin AF374, Starbag AF374, Stokes V8518,  Qualtex SDB153, SDB201, Menalux T22F, Unifit UNI55, UNI226, QuickFit QB55.

Fits Miele 4100, 4500, 6100, 6600, 8100, 8600, S227i - S240i, S269i - S282i, S400 - S499, S5, S5000 - S5999, S600 - S699, S800 - S899, S2000 - S3800, S4264 - S4364, Active Team, Allergy Control 2200/Plus: S5, S400, S600, S600, Allergy Stop, Allervac: S400, S600, S700, S800, Amaranth, Ambiente, Aquamarin, Automatic TT5000, Big Cat & Dog, Black Diamond, Black Jewel, Blue Moon 800/Plus, Brilliant 4500, 6600, 8600, Calypso, Carabic, Cat & Dog 800, 5000, Cat & Dog 2200: S5, Cleanteam, Compact S1400 - S2000, Cosmos Electronic 4100, 4500, 6100, 6800, 8100, Electro 2200: S5, Euroclassic: 2000, Europa, Excellent, Eurostar, Xxel Humann, Xquisit N, C, GTI, SE, XS, S400, Finlandia, Flamenco: 2000, 2200, Festival, Freetime S5: Cherry, Fresh, Lagoon, Green Magic, Gala, Jewel, Jubileum, Medi Vac S400, Medic Air: 800, Plus/S 800/CH, Magic Mint 700, Meteor: BL, BXL, SE, SL, XL, I, Metalic Power, Mondia C, D, LX, M, MX, RS, S, TS, Natural, Parkett & Co: 800/Plus 800/CH, Parkett 2200: S5, Parquet/ Parquett & Co Plus: 800, Parquett 2000, Passion, Peppermint, Power Plus: 5000, Profi, ProfiPower 1500, Red Magic, Revolution: 600, 5000, Rubin 14001, Samba, Saphier, Senator: GL, LX, Plus, S SE, Senior, Silver Star, Soft Satin Silver, Solution Plus, Special Turbo, Standard, Sunshine, Sunflower (5, 8 litre), Superior 1400, 1450, 1500, 1550, 1600, Silverstar, Tango Plus, Tropic, Turboteam, Weltstar 1200, White Pearl, White Jewel, Wildrose 2100: X:, XXL, Xtra Power: 2100 XL, 2000 XXL, XXL, 230/H/G/N, Moulinex Allergy Stop.

Packet of 4 disposable bags + motor filter + exhaust filter.

Bag size 32cm X 32cm.

Ideal for allergy sufferers. Up to 50% longer life.

High performance synthetic bag material. Reduces clogging and allows less particles back into the air. Increases machine motor life.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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