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Maytag Plastic Drain Pump - Part No. LP107

Maytag Plastic Drain Pump - Part No. LP107

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Maytag Washer Plastic Mechanical Drain Pump.

Part No. LP107, MY123.

Replaces older part numbers 21001907, 35-0008, 35-1069, 35-6027

Appropriate for some pre-1990 model Maytag large auto washing machines including models CW18C3W, CW18M4, CW18M4A, CW18M4H, CW18P2A, CW18P2H, CW20M4A, CW20M6, CW20M6A, CW20M8, CW20M6A, CW20M8H, CW20M9A, CW20M9N, CW20P4A, CW20P4W, CW20P5A, CW20P5AC, CW20P5WC, GW18F1A, GW18F1H, GW18F1W, GW18F2A, GW18F2H, GW18F2W, GW18G1A, GW18G1GW, GW18G1WW, GW20F6A, LWJ202A, LWJ202H, LWJ202W, LWJ206A, LWJ206H, LWJ206W, LWJ208A, LWJ208H, LWJ208W, LWJ256A, LWJ256H, LWJ256W, LWJ266A, LWJ266H, LWJ266W, LWK202AC, LWK202NC, LWK206A, LWK206AC, LWK206H, LWK206NC, LWK206W, LWK208A, LWK208H, LWK208W, LWL202A, LWL202AC, LWL202H, LWL202HC, W14EA1, W14EN1, WA18FA1C, W18FA2, W18FN1C, W18FN2, W18FY1C, W18FY2, W18GA1, W18GN1, W18GY1, W20FA2, W20FA2C, W20FA3, W20FA3C, W20FA4, W20FA4C, W20FA5, W20FN2, W20FN2C, W20FN3, W20FN3C, W20FN4, W20FN4C, W20FN5, W20FY2, W20FY2C, W20FY3, W20FY3C, W20FY4, W20FY4C, W20FY5, W25FA2, W25FN2, W25FY2, W26FA2, W26FA2K, W26FN2, W26FN2K, W26FY2, W26FY2K, Frigidaire GW30SPEA2, GW20SPEW2, GWS223RFS0, GWS445RFS0. Also suits some other models by Kitchenaid, Norge, Whirlpool & Roper.

Three mounting holes 135mm apart.

Inlet and outlet same size and point up at a slight angle.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.  

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