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Matsushita Fridge Compressor PTC Starter Relay - Part # FP209988P, MM3-5DDT33M

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Matsushita Fridge Compressor PTC Starter.

Part No. FP209988P, 209988P, MM8-5DDT33M.

Other Part Nos. MM8-5DDY33M, 1655477.

This PTC start relay is used in many Fisher & Paykel fridges fitted with Matsushita DHS 66C88RAW, DB73C13R, DB77C14R, DB91C18R compressors.

Suits some early N169T, N210, N308, N369B, E381T, E415HL, E415HR, E500B, E521TR, E521TL, E522BR, E522BL models.

Installs in seconds.

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