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Malleys Viceroy Wired-in 2000Watt Oven Element - Genuine Stokes Part # 1582

Malleys Viceroy Wired-in 2000Watt Oven Element - Genuine Stokes Part # 1582

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Malleys 2000Watt Bottom Wire-in Oven Element.

Stokes Part No. 1582. Equivalent to Electrolux 4800310000, Email Grimwood 42059.

2000Watt, 240Volt. Element dimensions - 37.5cm X 34.5cm. Overall depth 37.5cm from front to mounting bracket.

Wire-in type element. Lifts up slightly for cleaning.

Used in some old Malleys ovens including some Viceroy, Chancellor & Envoy models. Also fits some Derby Classic and GEC models.


Derby Classic D12, D13, D14, D15, Deluxe H6, Mainline H7, Standard D33X, D4, D5, H6, GEC Caprice MkII Upright C21-F, C21-T, C21-TF, Domestique Mkll Upright D21-T, D21-TF, D21-TR, D21-TRF, Domestique Mkll Elevated DE21-LT, DE21-LTF, DE21-F, DE21-TF, Mastermatic MA21-AR, MA21-ARF, MAE21-AR, MAE21-ARF, MAE21-LAR, MAE21-LARF,

Malleys Chancellor CE53L/7, CE53R/7, CE54L/7, CE54R/7, CE55L/7, CE55R/7, CE760LT, CE860LT, CE860LTC, CE860LTF, CE860LTR, CE860T, CE860TF, CE860TR, CE960AR, CE960ARF, CE960LAR, CE960LARF, Envoy AA110TR, EE013T, EE41/5, EE41/6, EE42/5, EE42/6, EE42/7, EE43/5, EE43/6, EE43/7, EE44/6, EE44/7, EE44/8, EE45/6, EE45/7A, EE45/7B, EE45/8, EE46/6, EE46/7, EE47/6, EE47/7, EE48/7A, EE49/7, EE50/8, EE011TF, EE011TRF, EE012T, EE011A, EE011AR, EE110A, EE110AR, EE110ARFC, EE110TF, EE110TR, EE110TRW, EE603T, EE603TF, EE603TQ, EE610T, EE610TF, EE624TFC, EE774ARF, EE774ARFC, EE774T, EE774TB, EE774TF, EE774TFCU, EE775TFC, EE777TB, EE801P, EE810, EE810A, EE810AR, EE810E, EE810P, EE810T, EE810TC, EE810TR, EE810TRW, EE901, EE901P, EE901T, EE902, EE902B, EE902T, EE902Q, EE903, EE903P, EE903T, EE903TF, EE904, EE904Q, EE911T, EE911TR, Statesman SE1, SE2, SE2A, SE3, SE4, SE5, SE11, SE11/5, SE12, SE12/5, SE13, SE13/5, SE13/7, SE14, SE14/5, SE14/7,

Simpson Upright EC302.

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