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LG WT-H750 Electric Drain Pump Motor - Part # 5859EY1006P

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LG Genuine Washing Machine Electric Drain Pump.

Genuine part number 5859EY1006P, Hanning part No. DP025-208.

Replaces Part Nos. 5859EA1005K & 5859EA1005M.

Pump is a mirror image of 5859EA1006S.

LG magnetic pump for many recent LG top loading washing machines.

3 way plug connector fitted with 2 wires. 220-240VAC, 50Hz, 30W.

Fits WF-F5208PP, WF-452C, WF-T502A, WF-T502C, WF-T502TH, WF-T552C, WF-T552TH, WF-T653A, WF-T655A, WF-T656, WF-T655TH, WF-T753A, WF-T755A, WF-T755TH, WF-T855A, WF-T953A, WT-H6506, WT-H750, WT-H7506, WT-R801, WT-R851, WT-R852, WT-R902, WT-R1071TP models. May suit other models.

Made by Hanning. Inlet & outlet are 180degrees apart.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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