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LG, Westinghouse Fridge Rear Roller & Shaft Kit - Part # 3J02312A_4J04238A

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Wheel & Shaft Kit to suit Many LG, Kelvinator & Westinghouse Fridges.

Part No. 3J02312A_4J04238A. Includes Part Nos. 3J02312A & 4J04238A.

Small plastic roller assembly and shaft to suit many newer Kelvinator, Westinghouse & LG refrigerators. This roller goes at the rear of the fridge.

Roller dimensions - 40mm diameter, 32.5mm width, 4.5mm hole.
Shaft dimensions - length 52mm, diameter 4.4mm.

This part often gets broken when the fridges are transported.

Fits the following models:-

GR-482SF, GR-S592GCA, GN-S303GCA, GN-S402GCA, GR-272, GR-T382G, GN-S339GTA, GR-431SCA, GR-432SF, GR-432SFA, GR-482SFA, GN-S339GCA, GR-T452X, GR-T382S, GR-391SCA, GR-S392GC, GR-S392GCA, GR-S392GT, GR-S392GTA, GR-S462GC, GR-S462GCA, GR-S512GCA, GR-S552GT, GR-S592GT, GR-572TF, GR-332SFA, GR-R463JCA, GR-372SFA, GR-S352GC, GR-T452G, GR-S352GCA, GR-R466JTA, GR-T542G, GR-T502G, GR-S552GTA, GN-422FW, GN-346FS, GN-466FW, GN-R466FT, GN-R491FW, GN303SFA, GR-332SF, GR-372SF, GN-315FW, GR-389STQ, GR-432SCA, GN-346FW, GN-422FS, GN-R315FW, GN-R346FW, GN-R422FW, GN-R466FW, GN-R491FT, GR-298STQ, GR-582WF, GR-R422JCA, GR-S512GC, GR-S592GC, RJ300P, RJ390P, RJ340M, RJ300M, RJ390M, RJ340P, N476C.

Note: This is not the only type of roller used on these brands. If you are unsure of the suitability of this item please contact us with your full model number prior to purchasing.

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