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LG Washer Outer & Simpson Washer Bottom Gearbox Bearing - # SP085, 6205-2RS

LG Washer Outer & Simpson Washer Bottom Gearbox Bearing - # SP085, 6205-2RS

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Late Model Simpson, Hoover Washing Machine Bottom Gearbox Bearing & LG Front Loader Outer Tub Bearing.

Part No. SPG085, NBR 6205-2RS. Similar to SP085, SG016, 4280FR4048C, 4280FR4048G, 4280EN4001B, 6205D, 0542200022, 0542250064.

Lower gearbox roller bearing to fit late model Simpson, Westinghouse & some Hoover medium & large capacity top suspended washing machines including Delta, Genesis, Aquapulse, Aquarius, Concorde, Contessa, Deluxe, Riviera, Laundromat, Encore, Enduro, Esprit, Eziset, 500M, 550M, 600M, 700L, 750L, 800EL, 800RL, LT608, LT609, LT758, LT908, LD800S, LD850S, LT809S, LT955S, etc.

Suitable for use as the outer rear drum bearing in many LG front loading washing machines including models WD-1018C, WD-1015FB, WD-1025FB, WD-1074FHB, WD-1236TD, WD-1253FH, WD-1274FHB, WD-1290RD, WD-1412RD (some), WD-1233RD, WD-1235RD, WD-1481RD, WD1485RD, WD-8013F, WD-8016C, WD-8016F, WD-8023FB, WD-8030W, WD-8050FH, WD-8074FHB. Also fits Kleenmaid KFL1500 front loading washer as the outer drum bearing.

The inner rear drum bearing for these LG models is listed here. (If this link does not work it is only because I am temporarily out of stock).

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