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LG Microwave Oven Turntable Plate Drive Button - Part # 4370W3A001A

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LG Microwave Oven Turntable Plate Drive Button.

Part No. 4370W3A001A.

Three lug plate drive button.

D-shape shaft 7mm diameter X 15.5mm high. Total height - 20.3mm. Diameter - 32.9mm.

Suits models LMV2053SB, LMV2053ST, LMV2053SW, MV1515W, LMVM1935SB, LMVM1935SW, LMVM1935T, LMV1976ST, LMV1925SW, LMVM1935SBQ, LMV2083ST, MV1401W, MV1501W, MV197SJ, MV174DC, MV1560M, MV1560T, MV1760T, MV1515B, MC156SH, MC156SJ, LMH1517CVST, MV1843BSY, MV1943BS, LMV1825SBQ, EXV1511B, LMV2083SB, MV1525B, MV2048ASDL, EXV1511W, LMV2083SW, MV1525W, MV1942ASTY, LMH1517CV, MV1943BSL, MV1735B, MV1735W, LMV1825SB, EXV1511BS, LMV1925SB, MV1541M, LMV1925SBQ, MV1541X, LMV1975ST, MV2045ATSL and possibly others.

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