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LG Magnetic Pump Motor Body - Part No. EAU61383505

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Askoll LG Washer/Dryer Machine Magnetic Pump Motor without Cover.

Part Number EAU61383505, LGF037S.

Can also use 5859ER1002M.

Replaces Part No. EAU62263305.

Similar to part number 4681EA2002F, 4681EA2001B by Hanning & 4681EA2001A by Plaset except contacts are at the front of the pump instead of the back.

Askoll Mod. S3008, Art.  RT001800.

Similar to Hanning Code # DP025-208, Plaset Code # 63096 & 70468.

Interchangable in fit with Part nos. UNI087, DFL020, UNI088, UNI087H, PMP88.

220/240VAC, 0.25A, 50Hz, 30Watt, 6.4mm terminals. Terminals are located at the front of the motor.

Fits many 240volt LG washing machine / dryer combo machines where the motor body attaches to the cover by screws from the rear of the pump. 5 mounting holes.

Suitable for models WD1207NCW, WD1208TC4W, WD14023D6, WD14024D6, WD1402CRD6, WD14030D6, WD14030D, WD14030FD6, WD14030FD, WD14030RD6, WD14030RD, WD14039D6, WD14039D, WD14060D6, WD14060SD6, WD14070D6, WD14070SD6, WD14071SD6, WD14075D6, WD1408NCW, WD1408NPW, F1069FD2, F1069FD3, F1069FD4, F1069FD, F1495BD, F14A8FD, F14A8RDS, F14A8TDS, WD1409HPW, WD1409NCE, WD1409NCW, WD1409NPE, WD1409NPW, WD1410SBW, WD1411SBW, WD14130D6, WD14130FD6, WD14130RD6, WD14135D6, WD-14313RD, WD-1457RD, WD-1470FD, WD14750SD, WD14756SD, WD1475NCW, WD14800RD, WD-1481RD, WD-1485RD, WD-1488RD, WDC1475NCW, WD-F14427D.

Can be used in many other brands such as Samsung, Asko, Whirlpool, Philips, NEC, Midea, Daewoo, Kleenmaid and any others where the pump attaches to the pump housing with three screws from the rear.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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