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LG, Goldstar V5800, VC4200 Series Synthetic Vacuum Bags (Pkt 4). - Part # 4902

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LG, Goldstar V5800, VC4200 Series High Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt. 4 + Filter).

Menalux Duraflow Part No. 4902.

Replaces paper bags - Menalux T202, T120N, Stokes V9604, Qualtex SDB237.

Packet of 4 high filtration, low allergy duraflow disposable dust bags + motor microfilter.

Carboard dimensions - 110mm X 98mm, bag dimensions (folded flat) - 27.0cm X 33.0cm.

Suits LG V5800 .. V5899, VC2872, VC2940ND, VC2950ND, VC4200RTV .. VC4299RTV, VC4440 .. VC4449, VCP852STN, VC852STV, VC872STN, VC872STV, Alfomax VCQ482HTQ, Blitz VCQ302, VCQ382, Cocco VCP862STQ, VCP862STN, Crystal/Magic V4200 .. V4299 (HTB, HTO, HTR, HTV), Fantom V3700 .. V3799, Storm Extra VC3031, VC3032, VC3043, VC3044, Turbo Gamma VC4153, VC4154, VC4161, VC4162, Turbo Max VC5854 -- VC5856, VC5864, Turbo Stom VC3644, VC3645, VC3742, VC3743, VC3744.

Ideal for allergy sufferers. Up to 50% longer life.

High performance synthetic bag material. Reduces clogging and allows less particles back into the air. Increases machine motor life.

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