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LG, Goldstar V-CA500 Series Vacuum Bags (Pkt 5). - Part # T242

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LG, Goldstar VC-A500 Series Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt. 5).

Menalux Part No. T242.

Replaces original bag TB-A5, Menalux 4901.

Packet of 5 disposable dust bags.

Carboard dimensions - 108mm X 112mm, bag dimensions (folded flat) - 27cm X 18cm.

Suits LG VC-A484CTQ, VC-A500 Series, VC-A504CEU, VC-A574HTU, VC-B685HEG, Limpio V4000 .. V4099(D/CD/CT/HD/HT/T), Limpio V4500AHT .. V4599AHT, Shark V5000 .. V5199, Turbo 4000, Turbo 5000, Turbo 6000, Turbo Extra V4350(D/T/HT/CT/DV/TV/HTV/CTV), Turbo Fuzzy, V6353TV, V6354HTV, V6377CTV, VC4360, VC4380, V3300, V4360CTV, V5166 Series, VC504CEU, VCA484CTQ.

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