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LG Front Loader Washing Machine Pressure Switch - Part # 6600FA1704X

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LG Front Loading Washing Machine Pressure Switch.

Genuine part. no. 6600FA1704X. Replaces Part No. 6601EN1005C.

Pressure switch, (water level switch), used in many LG front load washers including models WD-1018C, ED-1023C, WD-1049C, WD-1223FB, WD-1236TD, WD-1238C, WD-1049C, WD-1470FD, WD-8013C, WD-8015C, WD-8016C, WD-8026C, WD-10020D, WD-10150FB, WD-10151FB, WD-10160TP, WD-10160TUP, WD-10230TP, WD-10490C, WD-10490TP, WD-80130F, WD-80130TUP, WD-80490C.

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