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LG Front Loader Outer Tub Shell Gasket - Part # 4036ER4001A

LG Front Loader Outer Tub Shell Gasket - Part # 4036ER4001A

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LG Front Loader Outer Tub Gasket.

Part No. 4036ER4001A.

Outer tub gasket to suit many LG front loading washing machines.

Suits LG models WD-1015FB, WD-1025FB, WD-1019BD, WD-1074FHB, WD-1223FB, WD-1236TD, WD-1274FHB, WD-1412RD, WD-1433RD, WD-1435RD, WD-1438RD, WD-1457RD, WD-1460FHD, WD-1470FD, WD-1481RD, WD-1485RD, WD-1488RD, WD-1610FD, WD-8013F, WD-8016F, WD-8023FB, WD-8074FHB, WD-10150FB, WD-10151RD, WD11020D, WD-11020D1, WD12020D, WD-13020D1, WD-14030D, WD-14030D6, WD-14030FD, WD-14030FD6, WD-14030RD, WD14030RD6, WD-14039D, WD14039D6, WD-14313RD, WD-14700ED, WD-14750SD, WD-14756SD, WD-14800RD, WD-80130F & Westinghouse LF711C, LF708C.

This gasket goes between the two halves of the outer tub.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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